Small Business Services

Avalon Web Enterprises Ltd provide a variety of web related services to small businesses who have or need an online presence. The majority of small businesses do not have the required knowledge or skill sets in order to carry out many internet and web related tasks. They also cannot afford the prices charged by some of the bigger companies which offer these services.

We are a fairly small company and as we have less overheads than some of the larger companies out there offering the same services, we can afford to charge you less, but with the same quality of service. We have over 12 years experience in the IT sector and about 5 years working with various web technologies.

Our services cover things like:

  • Script installations
  • Web site installation, configuration and alteraltions
  • e-Commerce and shopping cart integration and configuration
  • Wordpress installations
  • Web site hosting, maintenance and support solutions
  • MySQL and SQL database creation and configuration
  • SEO Analysis for your website
  • Web site submissions to search engines and directories
  • Keyword list building
  • Online advertising and traffic generation
  • Email autoresponder setup
  • Any other web based work

Web Applications, Web Services and Web Site Design

In this age of the Internet, websites and web applications are of increasing importance to companies, so we now offer design and development of websites and web services using ASP.NET 2.0, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and all the relevant tools needed to create them. We can build websites with just one or two static pages or a dynamically generated web site consisting of hundreds of pages.

We can also integrate your existing web site with 3rd Party API’s, or even develop your own API’s for your clients to use.
We can integrate e-Commerce solutions into your existing website or we can provide websites with e-Commerce already integrated.

Custom web solutions are perfect for a business that is interested to build a completely customized website. The prospect of launching a website can be intimidating, especially the first time. That’s why we’ve made the choices simple and easy to understand. We have experienced staff that will work with you to build the website that you want.

SEO Consultancy

Avalon Web Enterprises Ltd can offer either a consultancy only or an 'On Page' SEO service.

The consultancy only package can offer a significant cost saving advantage to the client and after an in-depth analysis and review of your site, we will report back with recommendations for SEO improvements. This service can give you the vital information you will need to move your site up the search engine rankings

Our 'On-page' SEO Service involves us accessing your site and making a range of adjustments agreed with you. These adjustments will optimise your sites performance in the search engines and are made based on our expert knowledge and judgement of what really works best in search engine rankings.

This on-page SEO will include changes to meta tags, keyword positioning, keyword density, page names, alt img text, intra-site text linking and many other factors.

This service is suited when a site is already reasonably well listed on the internet with other sites or directories and/or where the site already has a strong PR (PageRank) value. It is also suited where you wish to undertake backlink development yourself but require the SEO improvements on your site to benefit from this work.


If you would like a quote from us for any service or job, no matter how large or small it is, then please click here to contact us.

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